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C-Peptide; Insulin C-Peptide; Proinsulin C-Peptide. When a patient has newly diagnosed type 1 or type 2 diabetes, C-peptide can be used to help determine how much insulin the patient may need. Test code # 010108.

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Fructosamine; Test is used to evaluate diabetic control, reflecting diabetic control over a shorter time period (one to three weeks) than that represented by hemoglobin A1c (8-12 weeks). Indicated as an index of longer-term control than glucose levels, especially in diabetic subjects with abnormal hemoglobin's and in type1 diabetes in children. Test code # 100800.

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Glucose Plasma

Glucose Plasma; Fasting Blood Sugar; This test is used to evaluate carbohydrate metabolism, acidosis and ketoacidosis, dehydration, diabetes mellitus, or hypoglycemia. Test code # 001818.

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Glycohemoglobin; GHB Glycated hemoglobin values are used to assess long-term glucose control in diabetes, especially in insulin-dependent diabetics whose glucose levels are labile, and in whom blood and urine glucose measurements exhibit significant daily variation. Test code # 001693.

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Hemoglobin A1c

Hemoglobin A1c; HgbA1c. Hemoglobin A1c values are used most frequently to assess glucose control in insulin-dependent diabetics whose glucose levels are very labile and in whom single blood glucose measurements may not accurately reflect the level of control present over the preceding few weeks. Test code # 001453.

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Insulin; Insulin may be used, often along with glucose and C-peptide levels, to help diagnose insulinomas and to help diagnose documented acute or chronic hypoglycemia. Insulin and C-peptide levels may also be used to monitor endogenous (produced by the body) insulin check for insulin resistance, and to help determine when a type 2 diabetic might need to start taking insulin injections to supplement oral medications. Test code # 004333.

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