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Environmental Toxin Tests

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Arsenic; (Blood) This test is used to monitor recent or acute exposure to arsenic.
Test code # 007245.

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Benzene, (Blood) Ordered to monitor exposure to benzene. Test code # 723056.

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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide; (CO2) Test is a blood test that is used to measure the levels of CO2 in the bloodstream. Abnormal CO2 levels in the blood may indicate the kidney and lungs may not be functioning properly. Test code # 001578.

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Copper; (Serum) Along with serum ceruloplasmin and urine copper, to test for Wilson disease and (more often) in monitoring the nutritional adequacy of parenteral or enteral nutrition, especially when copper deficiency may be suspected because of ongoing gastrointestinal losses.
Test code # 001586.

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Heavy Metals Profile 1

Heavy Metals Profile 1; (Blood) This test is used to monitor exposure to arsenic, lead, and mercury. Test code # 042580.

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Mercury; (Blood) Also known as: Hg. This test is used to monitor exposure to mercury.
Test code # 085324.

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Selenium; (Blood) Test used to monitor selenium deficiency and occupational exposure. Selenium is a trace mineral that is essential to good health. The antioxidant properties of selenoproteins help prevent cellular damage from free radicals. Test code # 716910

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