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Test NumberTest Name
163683 H pylori, IgM, IgG, IgA Ab
162289 H. pylori IgG, Abs
780300 Hair Drug Analysis
006510 HBsAg Screen
255505 HBV/HCV (Profile VIII)
480038 hCG, Beta Subunit, Qn (Serial Monitor)
004416 hCG,Beta Subunit,Qnt,Serum
004556 hCG,Beta Subunit,Qual,Serum
143991 HCV Ab w/Rflx to RIBA
140659 HCV Antibody
550033 HCV QuantaSure Plus (Serial Monitor)
550400 HCV RNA, PCR, Qualitative
550070 HCV RT-PCR, Quant (Graph)
001925 HDL Cholesterol
042580 Heavy Metals Profile I, Blood
163170 Helicobacter pylori, IgA
163204 Helicobacter pylori, IgM A
505008 Helper T-Lymph-CD4
005058 Hematocrit
005059 Hematocrit (Spun)
005041 Hemoglobin
001453 Hemoglobin A1c
006734 Hep A Ab, IgM
006726 Hep A Ab, Total
016881 Hep B Core Ab, IgM
006718 Hep B Core Ab, Tot
006395 Hep B Surface Ab
006635 Hep B Antibody (Ab)
006510 Hep B Surface Antigen (Ag)
303755 Hepatic Function Panel (6)
322755 Hepatic Function Panel (7)
322744 Hepatitis Panel (4)
163014 Herpes Simplex Virus I/II
210609 HFP7+2AC
237842 HFP7+2AC
102525 Hgb A1c with eAG Estimation
121679 Hgb Frac. Profile
122101 Hgb Frac. w/o Solubility
005223 Hgb Solubility
031088 Hgb+Hct
706994 Homocyst(e)ine, Plasma
164905 HSV 1 and 2-Specific Ab, I
163147 HSV Type 2-Specific Ab, Ig
164806 HSV, IgM I/II Combination
163097 HSVAb+HSVIgM
213884 HSVIgG+HSVIgM
067710 Hymenoptera Profile
660670 Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis Profile

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